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Monday, December 9, 2013

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We have a update for Avengers Alliance players now, as we can reveal who the next new heroes will be for Specs Ops 15 and also for PVP Season 13. At the moment, players are working their way through Season 2 Chapter 3 which has been released few days ago and daily dose of Doom has just been released, but more good things are on the way soon.

Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 15: Nico Minoru
Avengers Alliance PVP 13: Agent Venom

Without any confusion, we can tell you that the next hero reward for PVP Season 13 will be Agent Venom. This character has been a massive request for months, so it’s nice to see Playdom finally give in to demand.
Spec Ops 15 Hero Nico Minoru

For the next Spec Ops 15, we can reveal the next hero as well. It’s going to be Nico Minoru, who is also known as Sister Grimm. She is probably unknown to most of you, but is a magic-based character who uses abilities with her Staff of One – time to start doing your research.
PVP 13 Hero Agent Venom

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